InstallAware Studio Admin X10 version

 InstallAware Studio Admin X10 version

InstallAware Studio Admin X10 version

| 3.0 Gb

InstallAware Software, the technology leader in software installation, repackaging, and virtualization solutions for application producers and enterprises, is launching InstallAware X10 is the most flexible platform for traditional and agile development teams creating Windows and Azure software installers,


New and Interesting Features of InstallAware X10

ARM64 Platform
InstallAware X10 is the first and only installer with full-stack support for the exciting new Cellular PC platform! Build, install, and even repackage setups on alwaysconnected Desktop Windows 10 PCs running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 835/850 CPUs. Ship a triple-hybrid installer capable of delivering X64 (AMD64/EM64T), ARM64, and X86 payloads all from a single setup file!
MSIX Builder
Also new in InstallAware X10 is full support for Microsoft's next-generation packaging format. Build any Win32, Win64, or .NET app as a MSIX package. Cross all your apps through Microsoft's Desktop Bridge to the Microsoft Windows Store. Legacy APPX packaging is also still supported, as well as Nano Server packaging.
Database Refresh
InstallAware X10 supports running SQL scrs on Microsoft SQL Server versions through 2019, MySQL versions through 8.x, and Oracle versions through 18c. No client software is required for database connections, in the best tradition of InstallAware - the sole source for setups which always work, the first time, everywhere.
Acrylic Material
InstallAware X10 is the only installer with support for Microsoft Fluent Design System. The new Acrylic Theme showcases this support with textured noise patterns and breathtaking translucency in setup dialogs. You may create new setup dialogs and themes based on Acrylic as well. The pre-built Acrylic Theme (or any other well-constructed theme using Acrylic Materials in InstallAware X10) looks best on Windows 10 April 2018 Update and higher (required for Acrylic Material support), while still supporting all prior versions of Windows 10 (using an Aero/Glass translucency effect), Windows 8.x (falling back to opaque rendering), Windows 7 and Windows Vista (falling back to crystal-clear Aero/Glass), and even Windows XP/Server 2003 (again falling back to an opaque rendering). Ship a single setup binary that looks amazing on all Windows versions starting with Windows XP!
Dialog Editor Undo/Redo
InstallAware X10's Dialog Editor has virtually unlimited undo/redo (limited only by available memory). Experiment freely with dialog designs and enjoy the ability to revert any changes or modifications at any time.
Instant Extraction
InstallAware X10 setups, even those with multi-gigabyte payloads, launch instantly, without full pre-extraction of the setup payload. The setup scr boots instantly along with the full setup user interface. This enables you to present the setup interview in its entirety, before starting time consuming tasks such as payload extraction and data transfer - dramatically improving your end-user experience.
Advanced Compression Engine
InstallAware X10 features a new, 32-bit extraction compatible data compression engine with advanced heuristics. Compression happens on 64-bit platforms for the best possible space savings, while extraction still retains full 32-bit platform compatibility for effective delivery to the broadest possible computing base. Compress runtimes such as Microsoft SQL Server Express and Microsoft .NET Framework to half their already compressed size!
Windows 10 19H1 Update Eco System
InstallAware X10 includes the latest in application runtimes and technology support, including redistributables for .NET Framework 4.8, SQL Server Express 2017, the Visual C++ 15.9 runtime, IIS Express, Crystal Reports, and more. The new setup engine fully detects all Windows versions, especially the myriad releases of Windows 10 (which are already seven in number).
Extensible Download Engine
InstallAware X10 is the only software installer accepting Setup Plug-Ins as download handlers, for example to install from peer to peer networks.
Application Pinning
InstallAware X10 is the only Windows Installer with automatic, programmatic pinning of your applications to the new Windows 10 Start Menu in the live tiles section, and/or to the Windows 10 Taskbar; both without having to go through the Windows Store something Microsoft claims to have made impossible. InstallAware works hard to give you every opportunity to make your product shine.
Visual Studio Add-Ins
InstallAware X10's Visual Studio Add-Ins let you do even more. without ever having to launch the stand-alone InstallAware IDE. Fully control the files, assemblies, and folders going in to your installation. Create registry keys and values. Perform code signing. InstallAware's Visual Studio Add-Ins integrate with Visual Studio versions 2019, 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008, 2005, and 2003; seamlessly creating and building not only setups inside Visual Studio, but also MSIX/APPX Desktop Bridge and App-V Virtualization packages from your active Visual Studio project - all with just a single click on the Visual Studio toolbar!

Unique Features and Key Benefits for Developers

- Built on an excellent abstraction of Windows Installer called MSIcode. MSIcode is a human readable, conditionally flowing setup scr, similar to a batch file. Your MSIcode scr is automatically compiled into a logo compliant MSI database at build time, eliminating all need for Windows Installer training and the need to understand its complex relational database structure.
- MSIcode is more than just another descrive language for creating setup packages: it is a layer on top of Windows Installer which directly modifies Windows Installer's runtime behavior.
- No scring engine is required or pre-installed at runtime. Setups you build run on all 32 bit and 64-bit platforms, from the first release of Windows XP to the latest Windows Server 2019 64 bit - all with the same setup binary.
- Your MSIcode scr "magically branches" according to your underlying scred logic at runtime. You may even create/edit/delete your setup features at runtime, based on system conditions or online live license authentication. This helps you build and maintain a single installer (and a single setup project) for all of your product editions, languages, and features.
- Securely download optional application components using Partial Web Deployment. Segment your setup files into multiple online and offline Web Media Blocks. Optional Web Media Blocks are downloaded only if necessary. A partially web deployed setup does NOT mandate an Internet connection if online Web Media Blocks have not been selected for installation. Web Media Blocks may be shared by more than one setup and are highly compressed.
- One-Click Patching: No special patch project types are required to create patches. Point to the built binaries of your old setup versions to build patches in a single click. Use MSIcode scring to customize patch behavior at runtime and perform additional custom tasks.
- Deploy an unlimited number of web updates to your installed customer base. Filter patches using MSIcode to preserve your business logic.
- "Shell" to Third Party Setups from your installations. Capture and display native, interactive installation progress in your own setup dialogs - never launching external setup windows means your dependencies are always installed with the correct parameters and as an integral part of your master installation.
- Design stunning user interfaces with the 43 built-in dialog controls. Easily pass MSIcode variables between your setup dialogs and scr. Capture and submit business intelligence directly within your (un)installations, without risking a click-away on web pages.
- In addition to runtime setup customization in MSIcode, use MSIcode Compiler Variables to conditionally include/exclude files and logic from your setups at build time.

InstallAware Studio Admin. is a software installation solution for Windows Installer that enables MSIcode scring for rapid setup development without the high cost and steep learning curve of other setup solutions. With InstallAware you can build sophisticated installations in record time without any programming or scring skills. InstallAware provides you with the latest features and technology support, with the advantages of true rapid-Windows Installer development productivity.

InstallAware X10 solves the perennial problem of PC users - having to click through endless "Next" buttons to install software. The new built-in Single-Click Installation template installs and uninstalls applications literally in a single click. It also remains fully customizable - both in its user interface (the default implementation of which is modeled after Microsoft's MSIX Installer), and its runtime setup logic (which remains a proprietary benefit of InstallAware).

The InstallAware Team painstakingly dumped Windows features across all released Windows versions, including both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms, and Server variants. They then built a user interface virtually identical to the "Turn Windows features on or off" applet, empowering developers to visually configure their target platforms in thorough detail. The InstallAware Team, during this R&D effort, discovered that literally each version and platform of Windows 10 has a unique set of features. Setup builders such as InstallShield were unable to complete accurate configurations across all Windows 10 releases, instead requiring developers to manually research the know-how in house; an entirely unaffordable proposition.

Also in InstallAware X10 is new extensibility for the internal download engine. Setup Plug-Ins may now register themselves as download handlers and offer custom functionality not available by default in InstallAware, such as peer to peer networking support for downloading application and runtime bits at install time; slashing network bandwidth costs while enabling unlimited software distribution online.

InstallAware X10 also is a major IDE upgrade, with IntelliScan highlighting for improperly authored setup scr statements (similar to the squiggly red lines underlining misspelled words found in word processing software), as well as a new Code Preview feature which provides a bird's eye view of setup scr topology.

InstallAware Software, founded in 2003, is the leading Cloud Infrastructure Company with its laser sharp focus on bullet-proof enterprise software deployment. InstallAware has been recognized by multiple awards coming from Microsoft, SDTimes "Leader of the Software Development Industry", Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice, ComponentSource, WindowsITPro, among other recognition.

Product: InstallAware Studio Admin X10
Version: Build 9.19.19
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Compatibility: *
Size: 3.0 Gb

Operating System for Deployment
- Windows 10
- Windows 8.1
- Windows 8
- Windows Server 2012
- Windows 7
- Windows Server 2008
- Windows Vista
- Windows Server 2003
- Windows XP
Architecture of Product
- 32Bit
- 64Bit
Product Type
- Application
Compatible Containers
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
- Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
- Microsoft Visual Basic 2017
- Microsoft Visual Basic 2015
- Microsoft Visual Basic 2013
- Microsoft Visual Basic 2012
- Microsoft Visual Basic 2010
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2017
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2015
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2013
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2012
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2010
- Microsoft Visual C# 2017
- Microsoft Visual C# 2015
- Microsoft Visual C# 2013
- Microsoft Visual C# 2012
- Microsoft Visual C# 2010
- Microsoft SQL Server 2014
- Microsoft SQL Server 2012
- Microsoft SQL Server 2008
- Microsoft SQL Server 2005
- Microsoft Internet Information Server 7.0
- Microsoft Internet Information Server 6.0
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
.NET Framework 4.5.1
.NET Framework 4.5
.NET Framework 4.0
.NET Framework 3.5
.NET Framework 3.0
.NET Framework 2.0
.NET Framework 1.1
- MySQL 5.0




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